Where to Sell Your Old Books

All the Books students/readers read is not a good one . Some books you may just buy randomly after that may be you don’t like it or you can’t understand it. Being a student i realise that we always dont have money to buy expensive books . So we try to collect books from friend then do copies of it. We are also craving for old book stores which is not available in my city and nearby cities. We have to go for around 100km to get book at cheaper price . Some times many books are just out of stock there……. After all its not easy to collect or sell Old Books.

But i am gonna tell you about about a website where you can buy and sell old books at best price


Yooktals is an online bookstore where you can buy old and new books at very affordable price. You can also sell your used books . We deal with all kind of books like science, fictional, educational, motivational, children’s books, School books and much more.

The aim of yooktals is to help students, who wants to read different books , but due to financial issues they can’t. So we provide used books at cheap price ( upto 66% off) 

Whenever you order books from yooktals, the book get delivered within 7 days to any locations all over India. Its pickup service is also very good, whenever you to request for selling your book they will be picked up that within 3 days.

An important factor about old books is their condition….. I assure you in yooktals the books are in very good condition ( new like ) , if some books are not in good condition they sold it in upto 90% off.

At last I can say Yooktals is the Best Online Old Books Store In India

Jagannath Barik